Wood Pellet Fuel

Household heating using renewable energy

We sell a range of both renewable and recycled alternatives to fossil fuels, almost all of which are produced locally to Stockport.

Nationwide delivery is easily arranged with ourselves by phoning us on 0161 429 9042

The fuels are all available either as a single pack or full pallet.

Wood pellets are generally better bought ready bagged, most companies supply 10 or 15 kg weight bags, which are a manageable size.
Pellets bought in a Tonne bag need to be kept in a very dry area, as the pellets have a low moisture content and will absorb moisture from the open air.

All wood pellets will need to be kept indoors, or in a dry shed.

A tonne of bagged wood pellets will need about two cubic meters of space.

15kg bag of wood pellets

15kg bag of wood pellets

10kg bag of wood pellets

A 10kg bag of Verdo wood pellets - Unavailable

15kg bag of wood pellets

Around 1000kg of wood pellets