Installing a Wood Pellet Stove

Household heating using renewable energy

Wood pellet stoves are fairly easy and inexpensive to install.

Once your stove is delivered, a small amount of assembly work is needed. The ceramic panels which are packed separately for transport need sliding down the sides.

Pellet stoves need to stand away from a wall by about 8 inches (200mm) to allow for a small condensation trap which must be fitted on the flue immediately it leaves the stove.

The flue for pellet stoves can be installed into an existing masonry chimney usually using an approved chimney liner to keep the old chimney liner from degrading and possibly falling in and blocking the exhaust gases. If you have a standard brick 9 inch sq flue as in most UK houses built in the last century, it is advisable to line it with a single 5 inch single wall flue liner.

Proper flue size (diameter) is very important for safe and efficient operation. They use only a small diameter flue pipe of 80mm. Be sure to seal the joints and seams of the flue with a sealant recommended by the flue manufacturer or supplier.
Pellet stoves are required to stand on a hearth but because the temperature at the base of the stove never gets too high this need only be a half inch (12.5 mm) high rather than the usual 50mm.

There is a list of registered installers on the low carbon trust web site. If you use one of these fitting companies you can apply for the grants available with these appliances.

Wood Pellet Stove Fitters
Twentieth Century Fires Ltd started out 15 years ago as a purely installations enterprise and we have extensive experience in this field. We can fit wood pellet stoves for installations around the Greater Manchester area.

We are currently going down the mentored route to becoming Approved Installers under the Clear Skies / Low Carbon Trust initiative. Three of our staff have recently completed the induction course to fit the pellet burning stoves.