STABILE AL-P system Flue fitting for a Wood Pellet Stove

Household heating using renewable energy

Installation instructions

1. The components of the STABILE AL-P system should only be installed by qualified personnel according to the current building regulations.

2. If lacking instructions from the pellet stove manufacturer, the installation of flue systems for a pellet stove should comply with the current building regulations.

3. Before starting any kind of installation, make sure that the product designation marked on the label of the item is suitable for the type of installation.

4. Before carrying out any installation or maintenance, we recommend unplugging the pellet stove (please refer to the manual of the appliance itself).

5. The elements should be installed with the arrow ( marked on the label of every single item ) pointing in the direction of flow of the flue gases (female side upwards).

6. Assemble the elements making sure that the gaskets remain in their seat and that they do not get damaged during assembly.

In order to avoid the deterioration of the gaskets, DO NOT USE lubricants intended for other uses (such as motor oil, oil for hydraulic circuits, vegetable or animal oil).

Where necessary, lubricate the gaskets with the special lubricant - Item code ACSCISP - to help join the components.

7. Mount a wall support every metre. We suggest that you mount a wall support at every straight element and one after every shift.

8. The minimum distances of each component from adjacent combustible materials is provided in the designation (shown below) - indicated in every item label - and in the D.o.P.

9. If you are using the STABILE AL-P system to reline old masonry chimneys, please refer to the current installation Standard.

10. After the installation, carry out controls and tightness tests and issue the “Declaration of Conformity” to the customer according to the current legislation.

11. Any structural modification of the components during installation voids the warranty and all responsibilities of the manufacturer.

12. For any further technical information, please refer to the maintenance booklet and/or to the technical manual of STABILE AL-P system.

An Explanation of European Chimney Grading for Solid Fuel

When selecting a chimney suitable for a given appliance, any chimney with performance characteristics equal or higher than those appropriate for the appliance may be used

Metal Chimney System

A guide to item numbers such as Metal Chimney System EN 1856 T400 N1 W V2 L50 050 G 50

Metal Chimney System
is the Product Description

EN 1856
is the standard item number
(EN is the European Norm or - European Standard)

is the temperature rating in celcius

is the pressure rating (N is negative pressure, P is pressurised, H is high pressure)

is the condensation resistance (W can be wet, D must be dry)

is the corrosion resistance

is the Liner material

is the material thickness in mm?

is the Soot Fire Resistance (G is Yes, 0 is No)

is the allowed Distance to the combustibles in mm.

(Extruded products)

Styling with seal according to EN 1856-1: 2009
chimney system

T200 - H1 - W - Vm - L13150 - O20
(installed without dry lining)

Styling with seal according to EN 1856-2: 2009

T200 - H1 - W - Vm - L13150 - O60
(installed with technical fuel compartment)

(Cast products)

Styling with seal according to EN 1856-1: 2009
chimney system

T200 - H1 - W - V2 - L99150 - O20
(installed without dry lining

Styling with seal according to EN 1856-2: 2009

T200 - H1 - W - V2 - L99150 - O60
(installed with technical fuel compartment)