Classic M Ceramic Wood Pellet Stove

Household heating using renewable energy

A stand-alone high efficiency wood pellet stove that provides space heating for a room up to 140 cubic metres.

It's larger hopper can allow the stove to run up to 22 hours continuously between refilling.

The heat output is around 8.02 kW

As with all Artel wood pellet stoves the Classic S features an integral thermostat to enable you to set a comfortable temperature for the room and easy to use controls and timer enabling it to be used similarly to central heating.

Artel pellet stoves also have remote controls for electronic ignition and temperature control making them safe, attractive and easy to use

Classic Ceramic Wood Pellet Stove

Ceramic sides and a steel top

Colours available are


This item is imported from Northern Italy and priced in Euros.

Our Price in Sterling will vary according to exchange rates.

Prices include VAT

Sterling Price: 
90.05% - 92.7%

Heat Output (Min - Max)

2.64 - 8.02 kW

Heatable Space


Run time with full hopper

7 - 22 hours

Electrical Power Usage ( Min - Max )

100 - 300W







Air inlet tube Diameter


Smoke outlet tube Diameter


Net weight


Wood pellet stoves do require some maintenance, but since they produce so little ash (over 99% of the fuel is consumed) this only adds up to a few minutes a week.

They burn wood pellet fuel so completely that there is very little creosote build-up in the flue and they do not require cleaning as frequently as conventional wood-burning stoves.

The small amount of ash they produce has to be removed periodically but can be used as a garden fertiliser.

The wood pellet fuel is very compressed and comes in convenient sized bags which make it quick, easy and clean to refuel the stove.

Our wood pellet stoves are top fed and are filled through a hatch on the top of the stove. A screw feed inclined at an angle feeds the pellets into the burning chamber. This auger prevents flames reaching back to the fuel hopper.

Warm air produced by the pellet stove is moved around the room by fans and the stove temperature is regulated by thermostatic control. The stove surfaces stay quite cool compared to the very hot bodies of traditional stoves.

Artel Wood Pellet Stoves

We are a UK agent for Artel pellet stoves which are made in Northern Italy. These wood pellet stoves are much more convenient to use than conventional wood stoves as well as safer and cleaner, producing less air pollution.

We usually hold stock of these pellet stoves but even if we are out of stock the delivery time is only about 2 weeks.

The wood pellets which are clean and easy to handle are loaded into the top of the wood pellet stove. A full load of 15kg will last up a full day of continuous running.

It is easy to program the pellet stoves to turn on and off using the integral timer just like central heating and you can have different programs for every day of the week.

Flue Pipe is not included with this stove

All the flue pipe and accessories are here

These pellet stoves have a direct air connection for all the necessary combustion air.

This is a 50mm diameter inlet on the rear of the stove.